We will introduce a Burning Lamp Featured Author each month to highlight the release of his/hers book or e-book, or both, published by Burning Lamp Media & Publishing.


Burning Lamp Featured Authors span the spectrum of the Christian church, yet interwoven within their lives that distinguish them from the clamor of the religious: they live by truths that are Christ-centered, Spirit-saturated, and biblically-based.

We want to publish books that are worth your time, and we believe that a book written with Christian content must be written by a person whose heart has been verifiably transformed by Jesus Christ. It’s not that we seek authors who exude a pretense of “all-togetherness,” but we do seek the undeniable mark of a life surrendered wholly unto Christ:  brokenness, humility, love, holiness, and the like (namely, the character of Christ).

The deciding factor in whether or not Burning Lamp is going to publish a particular book is this:  Does the author demonstrate the reality of Christlikeness in his/her life? We certainly do weigh other factors as any good business would, but we will not publish a book by an author whose heart is mired in selfish ambition (even if we were guaranteed to sell a million copies).

This is the benchmark for Burning Lamp Media & Publishing.  

Please visit frequently to learn about our new projects and books that are due out each month.                                  @burninglampmap